Testimonial: Simpson Housing

Though we have relations with a variety of vendors for the support of our offices across the nation, our connection with IC2S has been one of our most valued due to the consistent quality, support, and diversity of the services they provide. We first started using IC2S more than 6 years ago for basic cabling requests for our multi-family housing communities and regional offices, and we were immediately impressed by the ease of scheduling technicians with a central point of contact. Having locations sweeping from coast to coast can be challenging, and IC2S filled that void so that we could get quality cabling work without having to do intensive research to get someone locally each time.

As our company’s needs increased and diversified, so too did our commitment to IC2S. As we began to expand by building more locations, we used IC2S to cable our leasing offices, provide quotes and installation of phone systems, and even provide all the low-voltage cabling for the units at a community. We also use their services for commercial build outs, remodels, and wireless installations. To our delight, the technicians and engineers assigned to these jobs were able to meet deadlines and installation windows as wells as complete work to specifications in a neat and organized manner. The technicians scheduled are qualified, pleasant, and responsive when completing the requirements of any job, from rewiring a single jack to cabling an entire office.

As our relationship has progressed with IC2S, our Account Executive, Ben VanVliet, has kept detailed records regarding our locations and as a result been able to anticipate our needs by recognizing patterns with recurring failures, phone system designs, and the need for more specialized technicians. Mr. VanVliet provides frequent updates and detailed closure notes, but the rapport we have allows us to go to him for help on issues we haven’t run into before or when we need to expedite a request. Pricing is very competitive and billing is accurate as well as accessible.

We are very fortunate to have come across such an outstanding company with remarkable service and support for our company’s needs.

- Michael J. Casper
Vice President and Chief Information Officer